Best known for her so called character in the TV series, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer born on 23 November, 1992. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress who was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee.

Miley Cyrus career began to rise when she began shooting the Disney TV channel show, Hannah Montana. Cyrus had learnt about the children’s television series, Hannah Montana, at the age of eleven and decided to send in an audition tape for its 'best friend role.' She was told said to be too small and young for the role, however, further auditions saw her receiving the lead position The star premiered to a massive audience for a Disney Channel Program, which quickly elevated her celebrity status. The success propelled her to achieving the status of a teen idol. Since then, that has remained to be her biggest role ever.

Miley Cyrus relationship has been an area of much scrutiny. She had a two-year relationship with actor Tyler Posey. The star also stated that she dated celebrities like teen idol Nick Jonas from 2006 to 2007, model Justin Gaston in 2009, Actor Liam Hemsworth in the same year and Patrick Schwarzenegger from 2013. Cyrus had referred to Liam Hemsworth as her first serious boyfriend.

Recently, Miley posted a photo showing her brand new hairstyle and it all seems like she is going back to her roots. The star posted her pic debuting her brand new, brunette hair which had grown out almost completely. This was seen on a photo in her Instagram. She had been growing her hair for some time now, and it has always been looking unkempt and messy and it is surprising how it looked so polished once again. The new hair makes her look totally like a different person. Though she has a naturally beautiful, long and thick hair, the star always features with crazy hair styles ranging from platinum pixie to brunette bob. She had always been changing her hairstyle and looks all the time, probably having the craziest year in her hairstyle department on 2015.Miley had said on February 2013 that she would never have long hair again. It’s surprising how she finally decided to go back to brunette, which makes her look like a totally different person. The star’s hair is a short, straight bob landing on her shoulders. This may be a good bye to the blonde bang swoop, the dreadlocks and Minnie mouse ears that she has debuted over the last few years. The star is said to have had the sleekest banged bob ever seen in a long time.

Recently Miley Cyrus was concluding her Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz tour, and after the star had finished singing We Can’t Stop, she really went out with a bang by bringing Pamela Anderson on stage. It’s clear that Pam was out to celebrate her love for animals. She got her messages passed across through a 'save the whales' sign together with a writing on her leg 'No Captivity.' However, all this makes sense since the two have a lot in common, starting from infamous partying personas to nude magazine spreads.

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